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Posted on: July 1, 2009 2:06 am

The Royal Bench

Tonights game proved to everynody that the Royals have the worst bench in major league baseball. Tonight Jose Guillen was on the bench but that is rare. I am going to list your best possible line up with positions as of right now, for the Royals.

Lineup                                   Bench
1) David DeJesus LF                Tony Pena Jr. SS
2) Alberto Callaspo 2B             Luis Hernandez SS
3) Mark Teahen 3B                 Tug Hullett 2B
4) Billy Butler 1B                     Bryan Pena C
5) Jose Guillen RF
6) Mike Jacobs DH
7) Willie Bloomquist SS
8) Miguel Olivo C
9) Mitch Maier CF

That is not a major league lineup. When you have 3 of the same guys (Pena Jr., Hernandez, Hullett) that is not accptable. None of those guys or Mitch Maier should be on a MLB roster. I believe Bryan Pena as a decent bat and glove and a good attitude but when John Buck comes back there will be no use for him. To the Royals defense Alez Gordon, Coco Crisp, John Buck, and Mike Aviles are all injured, but don't you think they could do better than that? We finally fixed our pitching so now the hitting needs fixed. The only players that have shown improvement are Callaspo and Butler. Teahen is having a good year but that is what is expected of him. Greinke and Bannister have exceeded their expectations for the year also. Now it is time for the reest of the team to.

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